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Asunder is a story adventure game where you play as Sophie, the daughter of an archaeologist, and the two of you are in search of the ancient civilization, Aegeros. You are guided by the only artifact you have, a hi-tech glove. The two become separated on an expedition after falling into a large crevasse. You wake up separated from your dad but discover the ruins of the civilization he's talked about all your life. As Sophie, you the player must use this glove to interact with the forgotten civilization, and ultimately find your dad.

(Headphones highly suggest for play!
Game is also x-box controller supported if you wish to use controller)


Check out the TRAILER for Asunder:



Asunder was developed by Chimera5:
Wilson Villegas, Cindy To, Cody Sivek, Nathan Watson, Ava Pek

Introducing our Voice Actors:
Morgan Starr as "Sophie" & James Hayden as "Dad"

Special Thanks:

Paul Toprac & UT GAMMA Program (http://gamedev.utexas.edu/)


Windows Download 161 MB
Mac Download 157 MB

Install instructions

We've provided a Mac and Windows version of the game! Feel free to download and play if you rather do this than the web build. No other installations required.